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    As their main goals dentists state the following:

    1.  Securing smooth practice procedures
    Only with complete treatment preparation the treatment can be carried out as planned.  Transparency in practice procedures leads to clarity and prevention of mistakes.

    2.  Satisfied or even enthused patients
    A comfortable practice with a good team climate guarantees winning new clients through recommendations.

    3.  Increase in economic revenue of your practice
    Client consultation towards high quality maintenance leads to higher private liquidation.

    4.  Harmony in your team and fun at work
    Regulation of responsibilities, team meetings and further education diminish misunderstandings and heighten motivation of all parties involved.

    In introducing QM according to ISO 9001:2008 you put down the foundation for reaching your individual goals.

    Quality management according to ISO 9001:2008

    A QM-System on the basis of ISO 9001 - the most acknowledged QM-System - is rooted in implementation of success factors that have been proven for all kinds of enterprises world-wide. The focus hereby is customer satisfaction and processes, meaning all conceivable processes, and their interactions.

    The world-wide acknowledged norm is written in the style of a legal document and first has to be interpreted according to the needs of the enterprise. Hereby reasonableness for the respective enterprise is in the foreground. It is obvious that different aspects of interpretation and implementation come into consideration for an industrial enterprise as opposed to a dental practice.

    A QM-System according to ISO 9001 includes a quality management mannual (QMM), which serves as reference book for management and employees. In this Quality Manual the layout of the entire QM-System is described and it serves as basis for a possible voluntary certification.

    Pre-condition for certification is the introduction of quality management according to ISO 9001 and conformity of requirements included therein. Only then can this QM-System be certified by an accredited certifying company through an external auditor.

    Quality mananagement according to PDCA-Cyclus

    Quality management according to the international norm ISO 9001:2008 means acting according to the principles of the control cycle “plan-do-check-act” (PDCA-Cycle).

    plan: practice management is responsible for developing practice goals and supplying all necessary resources

    do:  implementing planned measures to reach practice goals

    check:  controll to what extent practice goals have been achieved

    act: implementing improvement and correction measures that resulted from the “check” step

    source: ISO 9001:2008

    Procedure according to the PDCA-Cycle-Zyklus


    • develop practice policy and practice objectives (what are my personal and professional goals as the owner?)
    • individualise the quality management manual
    • develop an organigram and job descriptions
    • which processes are routine processes that I can and will standardise?
    • analyse processes, establish work instructions and checklists
    • identify the need for further education
    • plan improvement management


    • work according to standards (checklists)
    • put improvement management into action
    • lead objective interviews
    • lead and record regular team discussions
    • seize further education measures
    • distribute patient questionnaires


    • are my own specified criteria being followed?
    • do the checklists work or are they collecting dust in a drawer?
    • where do mistakes occur?
    • which measures are being taken to eliminate mistakes?
    • internal audits
    • analysing patient questionnaires
    • management review


    • where did potential for improvement arise?  Which improvement measure am I implementing?
    • revise and adapt practice policy and practice objectives
    • deduce measures from patients questionnaire results

    Quality Manual dental 9001

    Our top-seller for professional practice management!


    • One printed version in file folder

    • CD-ROM with all files in Microsoft Office 97 format
      (compatible with all higher formats)

    • Licence for use in one dental practice or clinic

    Price: 850,- Euro (+ delivery costs, no sales tax with your VAT number)

    DOWNLOAD Price: 690,- Euro (no sales tax for downloads)

    Language: English

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    benefit 2005 confirmed

    success of QM Manual 9001 dental scientifically proven

    Download of the Abstract


    More information about ISO 9001 you get from Wikipedia.

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    Costumer feedback

    Many thanks to the QM expert team for the “success program: Professional Practice Management”!

    The evident advantages of their management system are:

    • strongly practice oriented QM Manual
    • easy implementation
    • great use including adequate application time
    • economic efficiency


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