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    QM with dental-qm verifiably boosts dentists´success

    Success is not a product of chance, but the result of right strategy, distinct communication skills, teamwork and professional competence.  This was clearly documented in the scientific research about the effectiveness of the dental-qm concept in the year 2005. 

    We supply dentists with a code of practice for implementing their individual goals in their offices.  Many hundreds of dental practices are working with the well-proven Quality Manual 9001 by now. 

    We are practitioners and know the specific challenges of a dental practice.  Measurable successes and positive feedback of our clients are proof of this.

    dentist and expert for QM

    Why Dr. Lenz is involved in the development of all our concepts

    "As a dentist my focus is foremost on treating patients. In order to have all treatment procedures run smoothly, all of the staff have to take their responsibilities seriously and according to my expectations.  

    This is only possible with clear rules and regulations. QM offers a framework that allows to organize a practice on common ground. Transparency and structure lead to security for practice management and staff.

    QM is teamwork. When the staff knows the goals of the practice and sit in the same boat with us, then we can really have fun in day-to-day procedures!

    Therefore, in 2001 I introduced QM according to ISO 9001 in my practice, together with Mrs. Schwinn. The success was enormous. This lead to expanding the concept further until in 2002 we gave our first seminar in QM-Practice-Management in Hamburg, Germany.

    Our strength lies in the combination of business-economics, educational science and professional dental competence. I never want to be working in a practice without a QM-System."

    Customer feedback about dental-qm

    PD Dr. Ahlers and Mrs. Hagen (QMR)

    CMD-Centrum Hamburg-Eppendorf, Assosiate Professor Dr. M. Oliver Ahlers

    Co-founder and editor of the "Journal of Craniomandibular Function":

    “As specialized CMD-Center we provide extraordinary sevices in a specific area of dental medicine.
    Therefore a procedure that ensures a medically systematic layout and well organized procedures is necessary.  Thus from the outset it was obvious for us to implement systematic internal quality management.”


    Mrs. Zemanek und Mrs. Carstensen (QMR)

    Solvig und Detlef Zemanek, Eggebek

    ”We are so happy that we chose dental-qm.  Internally we are so content because nothing gets lost or ignored and we can rely on everything running smoothly.”


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    The experts for QM

    Dr. Rudolf Lenz & Dipl.-Kffr., Dipl.-Hdl. Kirsten Schwinn

    Quality Manual 9001 for dentists

    Our top-seller for professional practice management!

    • Download of all files in Microsoft Office 97 format
      (compatible with all higher formats)

    • Licence for use in one dental practice or clinic


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    Language: English

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    benefit 2005 confirmed

    succes of Quality Manual 9001 for dentists scientifically proven

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    customer feedback

    "Our QM system is alive.  We are continually working on it and everybody is extremely satisfied with us.”

    Dr. Alexa Becker, Blankenheim

    2010: Celebration of 10 years dental-qm

    We thank all our customers for their trust and are looking forward to future decades with you!

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